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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

::: cult. cold. colt.

"Well, I'm responsible for you now. You know, the Chinese say that once you've saved a person's life, you're responsible for it forever."
[James Stewart, in Vertigo. Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1958]

"talk is cheap, lies are expensive."
[Green Day, "Walking Contradiction", 1995]

A telephone call from J., the “executive assistant” to the man in the black pajamas.
“Can we just put that, um, Timbuktu thing on hold for a few days?” he asked.
“What’s the problem?”
“The problem is that my boss thinks maybe it’s too heavy for today’s youth market. Can you just give us a few days to think about it?”
“Take your time.”
”You understand we still love the story and we still love you, don’t you?”
“Of course.”
“Say hello to the kids.”
I don’t have any kids. I won’t.

badu told me i was in the director’s cut of NC’s new project, Citizen Duck, for two long scenes as donal, and that spells F-A-M-E to me. [awfahkk, dr. strangepop is in da house! help! help!] god, get me out of my office and in front of the cameras! and as far as possible from… real life.

I was reading Ben Stein’s Hollywood Days, Hollywood Nights. The diary of mad screenwriter, flo told me before she said goodbye. And Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Chronicle of A Death Foretold, a birthday surprise from itbo.

in the country he wore a .357 magnum on his belt, and its armored bullets, according to what he said, could cut a horse in two through the middle. during the partridge season he would also carry his falconry equipment. in the closet he kept a mannlicher schoenauer .30-06 rifle, a.300 holland and holland magnum rifle, a.22 hornet with double-powered telescopic sight, and a winchester repeater. he always slept the way his ‘father’ had slept, with the weapon hidden in the pillowcase, but before leaving the house that day he took out the bullets and put them in the drawer of the night table. “he never left it loaded,” his ‘mother’ told me, in a strange smile.

"God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh."
(Voltaire. 1694-1778)

wherever you are you will carry always/ truth of scars and the darkness of your faith/ slowly move on/ how did we get to here/ it all went wrong/ gravity claiming all your tears/ everything looks so much better now/ everything looks so much better now?/ you will get yours/ you have no right to ask me now/ you were never that around i have missed/ reality daytrips and your suit me suit me ways/ turn out the light switch we’ve been awake for days/ and no-one’s coming round here no more/ no-one’s coming round here/ you will get yours/ you will get yours/ you have no right to calm me down/ you were never that around i have missed/ cold contagious all the mighty mighty men/ what you save is what you lose out in the end/ cold contagious/ paint your perfect day/ i don’t mind this/ i’m better off by the way deeply grounded/ you will get yours/ cold contagious all the mighty mighty men/ what you save is what you lose out in the end/ cold contagious!

"frenzy, frantic, freaky.
kitty, kindly, kinky."

F for faith, and K for “kehidupan”.

* * *