okt dog budibadabadu: ::: destination: <strike>neverland</strike>, ch.1

Thursday, July 20, 2006

::: destination: neverland, ch.1


"Are you B.B. Badu?"
"Who the fahkk wants to know?"
"The law," he said. "The life's law. That's who the fahkk wants to know." And he opened his jacket so that I could smell his natural perfume. "Are you here to meet Nirmala?"
"Maybe and maybe not. And fahkk you whichever."
"Well, you know she's dead," he told me. With his raised palms, he smelled like heaven spirit. "Get real, Tuan Badu. Everything's gonna be fine. Just fine. We'll sit in the corner there, and talk this thing through."
I said, "Put your damn hand off of me."
And he answered quietly, "Okay. You wanna say 'Fahkk off, leave me alone!'?" He smiled. "I can read your mind, Tuan Badu."
I sighed.
He put something on the table. "Call me whenever you want."
He disappeared.
I took the card. A name card:

Should I call him?
* * *