okt dog budibadabadu: ::: (not) just an ordinary monday

Monday, September 20, 2004

::: (not) just an ordinary monday

we're making a move, we're making it now
we're coming out of the sidelines
just put your hands up, it's a raid, yeah
we want your homes, we want your lives
we want the things you won't allow us
we won't use guns, we won't use bombs
we'll use the one thing we've got more of:
and that's our minds...
("Mis-Shapes". Pulp. 1995)

Ada apa 20 September ini? Pemilu. Nyoblos! ... Long weekend.. MD ulangtahun. Selamat! Wish you all the best, bro! Ewako! ... Badu dengerin Pulp lagi, nggak pernah bosen sampe kiamat hehe. Jarvis rules!

* * *