okt dog budibadabadu: ::: selamat malam, malam!

Friday, September 17, 2004

::: selamat malam, malam!

it's over, i knew it would end this way
i hope you're with someone who makes you feel
that this life is the night
and it settles down, stays around
spends more time with you
i got no distance left to run
("No Distance Left to Run". Blur. 1999)
And it’s a completely normal evening—yes, we all think it’s just a completely normal evening—except for this curious, unpleasant headache haze and this strange false clarity of sound. But, perhaps, too, we can all sense something else, an extra thing, activity starting to occur somewhere in my Bada’s brain, and maybe in my Badu’s mind also a perverse, insidious reciprocity has begun.

Time for you to go to bed, Bud, says Badu to the air. Don’t forget to clean your teeth, Bada adds, stacking the pillows, his head bowed. I walk to the door and turn. For a moment I feel I am on the edge of their exhausted, frightening, migraine world, and feel that I could deliver from it, tell them something quickly about the other side. But I say:

Good night. Good night. Good night. Sleep well, folks.

(Thanx to Albarn for the great music and lyrics. Vinterberg for the great music video. And of course Amis for the great text.)

* * *